Kristiane Hallermann-Oelgarth

Having lived as an expatriate herself in South Africa, Spain and Belgium, firstly alone and later with a husband and two young daughters, Kristiane has a special understanding  and empathy for the needs of somebody moving to another country.   Relocating is hard enough when it is just yourself but it becomes a real challenge when there is also a young family to consider.

Although an employee usually has everything prepared for him/her by their employer, the accompanying spouse often is left to deal with the daily issues such as: choosing a kindergarten/school, finding a doctor able to understand their problems, or even such simple matters as finding tradesmen to deal with domestic needs, and all this in a foreign language too!!

When Kristiane moved back to Berlin/Germany in 2009 she soon started to help other families to cope with these challenges and thus making it easier for them to feel at home quickly in a strange place when often there was nobody to turn to.

With a legal background and working as a manager in an international conference environment for some 15 years Kristiane has both the necessary skills and experience to deal with a wide range of issues and people. Aside from German (her mother tongue) she speaks excellent English and French and can also work to a lesser extent in Spanish and Italian.

In essence, Move-to Berlin works closely with various native speakers (English, French, Spanish) such as: real estate agents, tradesmen, as well as a host of other international professionals as required in order to deliver a seamless tailored relocation service.