Pre-Arrival | Finding your home | Pre-Move | Settling In | Accompanying spouse and children | When you leave


    • Find out what Move-to-Berlin can do for you
      Contact us by phone or e-mail or via our online expatriate contact form to determine your individual requirements.
    • Welcome Pack
      We provide you with information about Berlin and Germany tailored to your specific needs on culture, banking, healthcare, insurance and areas of general interest for expatriates.
    • Orientation/Pre-decision trip
      Before your actual move you might want to visit Berlin on a short trip and get an overview of the city that soon will be your home. We will view suitable areas with you, visit schools and selected properties with you to help familiarise you with the new environment and assist you with decision-making.

Finding your home

    • Housing
      We answer your questions about housing in Germany and help you to find the appropriate district for you.  We are happy to accompany you to the viewing of the properties and provide translation services as well as professional guidance in the decision-making process.
    • Home Purchase Support
      Though renting a home is very common in Germany, you might want to purchase one. We will assist with property searches and provide translation and advice throughout the sales process. We can also provide contacts such as local craftspeople for refurbishments.
    • Interim Housing
      After the pre-arrival discussion with the client regarding timing, type and location of accommodation required, a hotel and/or interim apartment will be booked prior to the move into permanent accommodation. The booking of a rental car can also be arranged.
    • Rental contract check and “condition of property” rental form
      We check the rental contract for unacceptable clauses and accompany you on the walk-through to fill in the condition of property rental form with you. This document describes the state of the property at the move-in and is compared to the state of the property at departure. It is used to calculate the amount of damages on departure.
    • Moving management on site


    • Utility Connections
      We organise the necessary documents, and supervise the connection of the following utilities: gas/oil, electricity, water, TV cable, telephone and internet.

Settling In

    • Registration with local authorities
      Move-to-Berlin also helps with the town hall registration. We advise you on the required documentation and accompany you and translate for you.
    • Tailor-made program based on your specific needs
      This may include opening bank accounts, finding the appropriate language school, shopping for groceries/ furniture/ electrical appliances, driving licence approval, importing of vehicle including registration, introducing you to social groups, associations and leisure facilities, purchasing a car, and offering spousal career support, document translation, etc.
    • Follow-Up Support
      Once you have successfully moved to your new home, our telephone helpline is available to answer any questions and ease the process of settling in.

Accompanying spouse and children

In order for you to adjust more easily to your new (work) environment, your family must be comfortable and feel at ease in their new surroundings.

  • Family services
    We assist you in the search for babysitters or home help.
    We offer information about kindergartens/schools in your area, helping you find the one best suited to you, making appointments, registering and accompanying you.
    We advise you on leisure facilities like sports clubs, music schools, creative activities, etc.
    We find bilingual doctors, as well as specific shopping facilities, language schools, and accompany you / translate for you, where you want us to.
    • Schooling
      If you need information and advice on the local school system as well as local or international schools in Berlin, we can provide it, make appointments with and/or accompany you to selected schools.
    • Career support of accompanying spouse
      In case your spouse is interested in working here as well, we can support him/her to find suitable work.

When you leave

    • Move-to-Berlin can help with the termination of the rental agreement or the sale of your house, organize craftspeople for renovation or cosmetic repairs, etc.
    • We can help you with deregistering at the local authorities, utility companies, schools, memberships, etc.